Cooperation Circles in Morocco

URI MENA Cooperation Circles (CCs) welcome and honor diversity. Each group has a minimum of seven members and includes people from at least three different religions, spiritual expressions, or indigenous traditions. Individuals, associations and organizations can join a Cooperation Circle. The CCs are the heart of URI MENA’s work and are created by people who share a common vision: that our religious and spiritual lives, rather than divide us, can guide us to build community and respect for one another. 

They are working together for more understanding between all the religions and to look for commonalities to be able to collaborate amongst themselves and within their communities.
Integration of Africans into Society desires to impact community behaviors and attitude by building respect and recognizing other´s rights to be different.
This Forum is from and for youth. It aims to effectively support the development of Moroccan society and increase the cultural awareness of youth—individuals and groups.
Their purpose is to build peace and resolve conflict by promoting dialogue and tolerance among different multicultural and interfaith communities.
The Moroccan Sahara Association for Tolerance and Co-Existence is stopping violence and racism through a positive approach to diversity and the promotion of peace, tolerance and harmony.
Salaam Shabab Cooperation Circle (CC) is made up of young people who mobilize for peace both nationally and internationally.