Cooperation Circles in Palestine

URI MENA Cooperation Circles (CCs) welcome and honor diversity. Each group has a minimum of seven members and includes people from at least three different religions, spiritual expressions, or indigenous traditions. Individuals, associations and organizations can join a Cooperation Circle. The CCs are the heart of URI MENA’s work and are created by people who share a common vision: that our religious and spiritual lives, rather than divide us, can guide us to build community and respect for one another. 

Their vision is to create a healthy, safe and hopeful community that believes in peace, justice and equality, and a new future for the Holy Land.
The Palestinian Peace Cluc is spreading a culture of peace and tolerance in the world.
Their purpose is to sprout the ideology of religious tolerance in the Middle East region and especially in Palestine.
United for Palestine members volunteer at summer camps for children and also earth day events.
They are building connections between Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews to promote peaceful co-existence.
Palestinian Women Entrepreneurs Association is a group of volunteers, who has been working on many projects to empower women.
The Palestinian Peace Society promotes the ideology of peace, tolerance and non-violence among the Palestinian grass-roots.
This is a Palestinian non-governmental organization that participates in establishing a bridge between the different faith groups in Palestine.
With the desire to build a community of understanding, they are training Palestinians and Israelis in nonviolent communication.
They run activities to empower Palestinian women politically, economically, socially and medically.
They promote understanding between people of different faiths in Palestine for that they can live together peacefully.
They are promoting to create change in their community by organizing joint activities for youth.