Dialogue for Peace

Action Areas
  • Community Building
  • Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue
  • Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation
Number of Members: 24

Sunni, Jewish, Amazigh (Tashelheet, Tamazighet, and Tarefeet) and Sahrawi (nomads)

Building peace among different faiths in Morocco and the Middle East.

“Our purpose is to build peace and resolve conflict by promoting dialogue and tolerance among different multicultural and interfaith communities.”

This group of Arab Muslim Sunnis, Jews, Amazigh (Tashelheet, Tamazighet, and Tarefeet) and Sahrawis (nomads) come together to increase their understanding about the importance of intercultural dialogue to build peace and respect among people of different faiths. Members have participated in international gatherings that bring Arabs and Israelis together to work collaboratively in achieving peace in the Middle East. Some are members of YALA, an initiative that uses social media and technology to bring young people together to build an online academy and an online musicians’ forum, as well as organizes sports and cultural activities. They are active in Euro-Arab and Euro-med intercultural exchanges and dialogue.

Website: https://socialchange2020.wordpress.com/