July 2023 – Marlene´s summary about her time with us

Marlene Strum (22 years) from Germany finished her internship with URI MENA and Desert Bloom CC after four interesting months of volunteer service. 

The student of Social Work and Globalization has worked mainly for URI MENA in the field of public relations and workshop planning, as well as facilitation of events.

Coming from a tiny town in Germany, it has been a big adventure to live in the huge capital of Amman for her. She summarized that she was surprised how different the working culture is in Jordan compared to Germany. Especially she like the spontanious and more personal relations in the office. 

What do you take home from your internship? “I am an introvert person and I got really out of my comfort zone to adapt to the spontaneous and flexible routines here that require a lot of communications”, she replies.

Jordan is simply amazing and she is sure, that now she would like to explore other Arab countries. 

Watch the full interview and listen to what were her main tasks, challenges along the way and how she ended up by chance at Desert Bloom CC. 

We wish you best of luck for your further studies, Marlene. Thank you for your big contributions.  


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