Palestinian Women for Peace Society

Action Areas
  • Environment
  • Women
Number of Members: 124
Indigenous, Islam, Christianity


Palestinian Beduins, Sunni


Living together in justice, peace and mutual respect as humans.

“Our purpose is to sprout peace among Palestinian women.”

Palestinian Women for Peace Society runs activities to empower Palestinian women politically, economically, socially and medically in cooperation with other women from adjacent countries and abroad. This Cooperation Circle (CC) teaches members that humanity is the most precious thing, and that one must struggle for it—despite race, religion or identity. Their most memorable activity was their first meeting with Jews from Israel. All the participants were speechlessness and skeptical initially, but were able to engage with each other once the facilitator broke the ice between the two groups. Participants spent three days together in a humble resort called “Peace Oasis” in Latroun-Middle Israel/Palestine, where they got to know each other. Their plans to pursue such activities helps actualize the dreams of CC members to live together in justice, peace and mutual respect.