Beit Ashams for Self Development

Action Areas
  • Arts
  • Community Building
  • Education
  • Health and Social Services
  • Human Rights
  • Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue
  • Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation
  • Women
  • Youth
Number of Members: 7

We have a light that shines from within on us and onto the people around us, and the body is its house.

“Our vision is to create a healthy, safe and hopeful community that believes in peace, justice and equality, and a new future for the Holy Land.”

Beit Ashams (which in English means House of Sun) for Self Development is one of its kind in the services it provides. The center aspires to work with all segments of the society: women, children, youngsters and men, by taking them in a journey of self-discovery to see the essence of their true human nature, and their new way of being in creating a new future and lead active participation in building a Palestinian society based on justice, freedom and peace.

Members aspire in all of their activities and programs to:
1. Bring back the balance into the lives of individuals.
2. Enrich intellectual, physical and spiritual growth that has a positive effect on the health of individuals.
3. Healing.
4. Reaching a state of gratitude that contributes to shifting how participants perceive life.
5. Cohesion and harmony between the individual, its existence and the rhythm of the cosmos.

Beit Ashams center consists of three main spaces:
1. Creativity and Exploration
2. Horizons
3. Being