Women’s Interfaith Network of the Middle East and North Africa

Action Areas
  • Women
Number of Members: 11
Judaism, Islam, Spirituality, Christianity




Building an environment where women can work together and strengthen their unique peace-building qualities and demonstrate how to change attitudes and behaviors.

“Our purpose is to learn together and share information about our religions, traditions, and customs in order to dispel stereotypes, avoid prejudice and mistrust, create sisterhood, and to act together effectively to enhance the cooperation and respect between religions in our region.”

Women’s Interfaith Network of the Middle East and North Africa (WIN MENA) Cooperation Circle (CC) was formed by Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Egyptian, Israeli, Jordanian, Palestinian, Tunisian women at the 2003 MENA Conference, with the goal of creating interfaith women’s solidarity and the opportunity to pursue joint activities. CC members regularly meet in conjunction with the annual MENA Region Conferences in Jordan. They hold a three day Women’s Interfaith Leadership Workshop in Amman. Additionally, they focus on promoting interfaith understanding and solidarity among women of the Abrahamic religions in our region.