Women Reborn

Action Areas
  • Interfaith and Interculture Dialogue
  • Women
Number of Members: 7
Islam, Christianity, Spirituality, Judaism




Empowering Arab women to be community leaders.

“Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for Arab women (Muslim, Christian, and Druze) to become leaders in their communities.”

Women Reborn Cooperation Circle operates on two levels: the first is to educate Arab women to be community leaders, and the second is to hold monthly interfaith meetings of women of the four religions. CC members hold events, with upwards of 300 women, in honor of Women’s Month. The program features music and special guests who are community leaders. They hold TeenTalk programs for young women from their community paired with young women in Jerusalem from TRUST – Emun with meetings at centers in both cities to discuss religious issues relevant to young women with a woman rabbi and a sheikya.