Unity is Strength

Action Areas
  • Community Building
  • Human Rights
  • Indigenous People
  • Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue
  • Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation
  • Policy Advocacy
Number of Members: 83

Islam, Judaism, Christianity

Promoting Israeli-Palestinian unity in resolving the conflict.

Unity is Strength focuses on areas where Palestinians and Israelis can work together in a grassroots fashion to support one another. This work breaks out of the paradigm that Israel-Palestine is a conflict based on incompatible interests, instead exploring and promoting paradigms that Israel-Palestine is a cooperative dynamic based on shared interests. This is an interdisciplinary effort that often requires advocating for alternative courses of action to the leadership’s policies. Members believe that peacebuilding through interfaith bridge-building, particularly on the grassroots level, is a very effective way to bring peace between Palestinians and Israelis. It helps in changing the paradigm from conflict to cooperation. The conflict between Palestinians and Israelis is impacting the world and this group wants to do something to solve it. Unity is Strength is proud of their primary activity; the forum on Quora.com for information and discussions about Israel/Palestine. It broke 5,000 followers. Also, members maintain a presence on related Quora.com forums.