Youth Camp for Conflict Transformation

From Friday October 6 to Sunday, October 8, the Desert Bloom organization held a three-day workshop with the theme “Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding”. The workshop was attended by young people from different countries of the MENA region who came to Amman for this event.

Throughout the three days, the organizers provided the young participants with workshop topics that included topics such as identity, diversity, peace building and much more and tried to convey it in an interactive way.

In order to facilitate the entry of all participants into the workshops and to build a common knowledge base, a short session on terminology was held on the first day, where participants were exposed to words such as conflict resolution, reconciliation, moral imagination, (white) supremacy, xenophobia and many more. Based on this knowledge, different workshops were held, two of which explained how to understand and prevent conflicts, and one of which critically reflected on the theme of identity by conducting an exercise called a privileged walk, in which the participants became aware of personal and social inequalities.

The three days passed with a lot of content exchange, personal conversations, delicious food and many new insights.