December 2022 – Visiting the Qudrat Center for Community Development in Mafraq

To foster cooperation and partnership, in December 2022 four volunteers from URI MENA visited the cooperation circle Qudrat Center for Community Development in Mafraq. The three days were full of learning about the important work of the organization, exchanging ideas and facilitating different workshops. The Qudrat Center for Community Development is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that seeks to empower their community in Mafraq in all aspects. They build up capabilities through workshops and trainings and raise awareness in the community for pressing issues like women´s rights, empowering people with disabilities and environmental protection. The center is an open house for all the people living in the community and hosts activities for all groups of people during their whole life circle.

URI MENA is most happy that the Qudrat Center for Community Development is part of their network and appreciates their impact in Mafraq. During the three days, the volunteers from URI MENA did not only get to know the work of the organisation but also experienced the warm welcoming and outstanding hospitality. The first day was dedicated to acitvities with children and the hours were filled with games, laughers and the practice of English language skills. The children from Mafraq and also the Syrian refugee community in the city were happy to spent time with the volunteers from Germany, Poland and Palestine and to try out their knowledge in English language. On the second day URI MENA facilitated a workshop on job application and trained young people in writing convincing CVs and motivational letters. The third day was dedicated to the campaign of fighting violence against women. After a session on self care practices for women´s empowerment, the volunteers of URI MENA and Qudrat Center painted a wall of the organisation building stating to stand up against violence. The visit ended with a training on how civil society organisations can apply for grants and especially write project proposal succesful. The visit was a success and we are looking forward to our future cooperation.