URI MENA celebrated the International Day of Peace: Reciting prayers for peace from different religious traditions followed by intercultural dialogue

URI folks in Jordan and their none Jordanian friends celebrated the IDP by prayers and intercultural understanding. In the first hour, participants shared their hopes for peace and recited several prayers from the holy texts. Also, we conducting an exercise resembling how people from different faith and background need to work together to bring salvation to all mankind.

In the second hour, the non-Jordanian attendees (from Australia, France, Germany/ Ethiopia and Morocco) shared their stories and challenges in Jordan. The discussion tackled many stereotypes and misconceptions none Jordanians used to have before coming to Jordan on the one hand, and the pros and cons of living in Jordan on the other hand. Jordanians had the chance to breakdown many stereotypes. Also, we discovered many cultural similarities and differences during the discussion, however we are still one and we belong to one.