TRUST WIN CC visit to Jisr a Zarka school in preparation for the IDP

TRUST WIN Christian, Druze, Jewish and Muslim women from neighboring communities were welcomed by the principal and teachers to the Al Sharki school in the village of Jisr A Zarka on September 11. We shared with 100 sixth grade students some teachings about peace and the environment from our religions as a preparation for the IDP – International Day of Peace on September 21. We were hosted to a meal by the local women and taken on a walking tour to the sea. Below is the full report: 

After explaining the interfaith sisterhood of TRUST WIN and our connection to URI, we presented a plate with Shalom, Salaam, Peace in three languages to the school, and gave URI pins to the principal, Abdel Rauf Jurban, and to Faten Jurban Mahamid, the teacher who coordinated the visit.

We acknowledged the tragic terrorist attack that took place on this day 18 years ago in New York when 3000 people were killed – Christian, Muslim, Jewish as well as many other religions. We hoped through the teachings from Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Druze we could transform the suffering of this day into deeper connections between the religions of the Holy Land. We offered prayers from each religion. 

The women visited 100 students in three 6th grade classrooms bringing teachings from our religions about the environment in preparation for the theme of this year’s IDP. The message was, if we work together we can bring understanding, cooperation and mutual efforts to save the planet.