Two active young members of Jordanian URI CCs; Stephanie from Mercy CC and Mohammed from Quested Peace CC represented URI-MENA participated in a training and networking project supervised by the EU “Youth in action” programme, the training course entitled “Mpowering U2 lead Uth”. The project took place from 22/7/2013 to 29/7/2013 in lackandarragh-Ireland. The training supported competence development of the people and organizations active in the youth field. People from different backgrounds developed their personal and intercultural leading competences, the project supported the exchange of experiences, expertise and good practice between those people from the different cultures.   The course was hosted by Eolas Soiler, and implemented corporation with URI-MENA, altogether 24 people from Czech Republic, Egypt, Ireland, Italy, Jordan Netherlands, Palestine, Poland, Israel, Turkey and Spain took part in the project.   The overall aim and specific objectives of the project are:

  •  Assist participants in personal development of their leadership competencies-
  • Enable participants to understand and trust their own ability to inspire young people.
  • Provide participants with good communication and group dynamics skills.
  • Explore organizational skills and how to support young people in becoming more involved in their community.
  • Discover the value of the Youth in action programme as a tool for development of young people.

  Main contents and activities of the project: Participants engaged in activities where they will gain an increased awareness of their leadership style and their privileged role when working with young people. They developed the skills, knowledge and attitudes that leaders require to impact positively on their lives of young people. The methods used are those of non formal education. Group challenge activities enhanced participates teamwork, leadership, and organizational skills.