Time Management for Life Management

Last Saturday, 4 of July 2020, Desert Bloom founder facilitated a Zoom session for URI MENA’s Cultural Café on time management. 

The session covered how we can manage our time effectively and how to set priorities and goals. Participants exercised how to use the Eisenhower Matrix (the four quadrants of time management) to manage their time in both their professional and personal lives.

Some takeaways from the session:
– Time equals life

– I need to start using a “to-do” list
– Time management is key to happiness. It is essential to improve work-life balance
– We need time management to lead a healthy lifestyle
– Failing to plan is planning to fail
– We need to think carefully about important but not urgent issues in our lives as they are tricky and can affect our personal and professional growth
– Time management is a choice … we can manage time
– Men should find time for house shores
– Multitasking is not always good
– Perfectionism can make life difficult and miserable…we need to learn to delegate
– We should learn to say a soft “no” more often in our lives