October 2021 – News from Tunisia: Theatre and psychodrama

Theatre and psychodrama therapy to raise socio-cultural awarness of school childern
News from South Tunisia’s Women Leaders CC- Tunisa
Written by Khaoula Jaoua- CC spokesperson
In partnership with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Youth and Sports partnership, the South Tunisia’s Women Leaders CC conducted a workshop to raise awareness of school children in rural areas using theatre and psychodrama therapy.
The workshop achieved its objectives of:
Valorizing the Tunisian heritage shedding light on marginalized women’s production of artistic handicraft.
Promoting the notion of equal opportunities for both urban and rural areas. It plays a prominent role in integrating rural areas in the socio-cultural cycle.
Encouraging the sense of responsibility among children to be active citizens in all life aspects.
Enhancing the awareness about Tunisian culture.
Entertaining children and their parents
The workshop activities included dealing with traditions, customs and the agricultural folklore of the city of Gabes. Given the success of this workshop, we are planning to expand it to become a regional festival of theater for school children.