Social isolation in Covid-19 “The impact of loneliness”

URI MENA Cultural Café- 32 Session

Last Saturday, 28 Nov. 2020, URI Cultural Café session was on Social isolation in Covid-19 “The impact of loneliness”. Ms. Abir Kazbour, a Lebanese Writer and Photographer, shared with us her inspirational thoughts and reflections to spread hope during coronavirus pandemic based on her book “Under the Roof of Isolation”.
Ms. Kazbour encouraged participants to share their personal experiences of social isolation during the lockdown/ curfew times focusing on the positive changes in their lifestyle. It’s clear that the lockdown has had different impacts on different groups of people; those who experience positive solitude tend to feel more positive emotions. They use the solitary time for contemplation, reflection and unleashing their creativity. Moreover, it is so amazing how COVID-19 has initiated a remarkable range of behavioral transformations; people are finding innovative ways to cope and move on. Many discovered that relationships with others can never be deeper and more important than our relationship with ourselves and our families. Loneliness has helped us to discover ourselves and to develop a loving relationship with ourselves and our families.