Finishing the second phase of the project “Laqta” for short documentary films   Youth of Peace CC Yemen concluded the second phase of the “Short Documentary” project with the participation of 12 young men and women.

The head of Youth of Peace Mr. Anwer Dahak said the participants were refugees, displaced people and residents of Sana’a. Pointing out that the second stage lasted for 15 days at a rate of 10 hours a day. Adding that the third phase of the project will focus on the production of two documentary films on peace and the dissemination of concepts of tolerance and coexistence.

It is worth mentioning that the participants in the training workshop have learned new methods through which to form a view of the reality surrounding them and how to find the important stories that should be asked to be a cinematic to interact with the public, and trained to enhance the accuracy of their observation of what is going on around them and what they pass personally Creating an independent perspective and style to tell their world stories on the silver screen. This will result in the production and filming of two documentary films that contribute to peacebuilding in Yemen, and channels of communication between participants and film industry experts have been established to ensure the continuity of youth work in the production. In addition, the films will be uploaded on vimeo channel and promoted through social networks to reach the largest number of Yemeni society.