September 2023 – “Together for Peace”: Commemorating the International Day of Peace

“Together for Peace”: Commemorating the International Day of Peace

In observance of the International Day of Peace, URI MENA Office, in collaboration with Qudrat CC and Desert Bloom CC, orchestrated an engaging seminar aptly titled “Together for Peace” on September 23, 2023. The event featured enlightening discussion sessions on the following key topics:

  1. Renouncing Violence: Exploring avenues for peace by denouncing violence as a means of conflict resolution.
  2. Bottom-Up vs. Top-Down Approaches to Peace: Analyzing and contrasting the effectiveness of grassroots initiatives versus top-down strategies in promoting peace.
  3. A Holistic Approach to Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding: Examining comprehensive methods for preventing conflicts and fostering sustainable peace.

The seminar attracted a diverse audience, including civil society activists, academics, university students, and international volunteers, all eager to engage in meaningful conversations about the pursuit of peace and conflict resolution.