We would like to share with you the following piece of news from Quested Peace CC- Jordan:Quested Peace CC participated in “Learning 2B Together” seminar from 6th -12th of November 2017 in Elche, Spain  

The seminar aimed to develop tools and strategies to address gender equality challenges in working with youngsters. The seminar was hosted by Sal Fuera & Salud Infantil- Spain within their “platform Learn Together Web”, supported by the European Union program Erasmus +. Three members of the Quested Peace CC represented Jordan in this seminar along with 22 participants from Greece, Poland, Estonia, Bulgaria, Italy, Czech Republic, and Romania. The Seminar adopted non-formal education and peer learning approaches to address gender issues to ensure hearing different cultural perspectives on this topic. The participants were divided into small working groups and asked to present their ideas and recommendations using Flipcharts, Video making, and Theater creation (a short play). Moreover, the seminar facilitators arranged several open discussion sessions and workshops to address the gender equity challenges and the importance of gender equality in working with children. Furthermore, subject matter speakers were invited to speak about gender equality and to share their practical experience in this field.   In addition to exploring gender equity status and issues in participants’ countries, the participants had chances to exchange experiences, personal stories, best practices and cultural aspects. They improved their knowledge and experiences in the following areas:

1.      Effective gender equality practices.

2.      How to handle gender challenges.

3.      Non-sexist communication 

4.      Organizing activities that promote gender equality for youngsters.

5.      Strategies for promoting gender equality in the mass media.   

One of the most remarkable outcomes of the seminar is creating a “Video-Decalogue” by participants to promote gender equity, including practical advices to honour gender equity in working with youngsters. Jina Kahal, one of the Quested Peace participants said; ” It was a great opportunity for Jordan to take part of this project, the host organization, Sal Fuera & Salud Infantil , were really happy to have us, and they will be a great partner for URI. The Cultural night was amazing; there were many different foods and music ….the atmosphere was harmonious. I got to learn a lot from the organizations around, it was pretty effective, and I think there were many opportunities for URI to collaborate. I am looking forward to have more projects with this organization (Sal Fuera & Salud Infantil) due to their professional, hard work, good communications.”