“Reuse & Save Water”, Youth Exchange held in Madrid, Dec. 2018.

A group of youngsters from Desert Bloom CC represented URI MENA in “Reuse & Save Water” youth exchange project held in Spain, Madrid between 16- 22 December, 2018. The project was hosted by Adfis Organization, under Erasmus program, KA1 funded by the European Union.

Preserving water resources is a growing challenge across the globe. The project aimed at creating awareness about the fragility of our water resources and introducing the concept of Water Resource Management (WRM) at an early age. We need to invest in continuity as continuity ensures sustainability. Hence getting the youth involved and interested in managing the water resources towards the goals of sustainability and self-reliance is becoming a global key strategy.

The participants were 36 young people between the age of 18-30 and 9 group leaders and 2 facilitators coming from 9 countries of the Euro-Mediterranean Area: Jordan, Cyprus, Italy, Lebanon, Portugal, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey and Spain. They learnt many tools and mechanisms that encourage good practices in efficient management of water resources in a sustainable manner within the context of environment protection.