Persistence is the key to success- Lessons from LEGO Company

17th session of URI MENA Cultural Café (via Zoom)
Last Saturday, 8 August 2020, URI MENA hosted a Cultural Café on “Persistence is the key to success – Lessons from LEGO.” We watched a short film about the successful story of the LEGO company, then discussed the lessons that we can all learn from LEGO.

The film explains how Lego, which has a very humble beginning in 1934 making wooden toys that then expanded into plastics in 1947, has become the largest toy company in the world.

Major takeaways include:
1. Persistence is the key to success in our social and business lives. Success in life depends on our willingness to never give up, even when the reward is delayed. LEGO’s perseverance and determination has led it to become the biggest toy manufacturers in the world. The company has also been persistent in maintaining the original integrity of the product and its mission.

2. Each successful business has four common elements: persistence, specialization, innovation, and an emphasis on storytelling.
3. Those who quit their dreams will regret it in the future.
4. There is no failure except in not continuing to try. Never give up on something you believe in.
5. Innovation is important, and LEGO continuously re-envisions their products to keep up with market demand and, importantly, market trends.
6. Knowing and taking care of their customers has helped LEGO to grow and excel.