URI MENA participated in the fourth 8 Series “PARTICIP8”, September 2013.   URI MEAN participated in PARTICIP8, the fourth session of 8 Series, in Sept. 2013. The long term project 8 Series was co-organized by URI MENA (through Quested Peace CC) in cooperation with 5 none-for-profit organizations back in October 2011 to promote healthy lifestyle and highlighting the importance of active citizenship to achieve a better sustainable future. This project completed the previous projects; Activa8 held in Turkey in March 2012, Motiv8 held in United Kingdom August 2012, and Cultiv8 held in Jordan in June 2013. Lina Hammad report on this project: Going to Spain for the first time was truly out of this world. I have never been there, or even planned on going there, especially for such an amazing purpose. As the project said “PARTICIP8*, and that was what we did. Speaking for myself, I have learned a great deal from a group of inspirational people from all around the world; six different countries to be in specific. Kayaking for the first time, an exhausting cycling event for twenty kilo meters, local activities that allowed us to feel connected to children and people who don’t even speak our language, and more importantly group activities that made us feel a part of a movement that’s going to change this world. Learning about different cultures and religions always fascinates me, and makes me realize how blessed I am to be given the opportunity to be able to break stereotypes and spread the peace and love we all have instilled in us. I also got the chance to participate in a local traditional parade Christian/Muslim that brought together both religions through celebrations around the town, which fit perfectly since we were representing the United Religions Initiative. Valencia was surprisingly rich in history that I’ve never heard of.   The organizers were very helpful, kind, and enthusiastic, which definitely rubbed off on us. I also was lucky to share this experience with my little brother, and got closer to him in a ways I did not expect. My beautiful roommates Shan, Sarah and Farah (from Egypt and the UK) became my sisters in such a short time that felt like I’ve known them my whole life. Hopefully I will get further opportunities like this one, and I wish the best of luck for the founders of this wonderful and useful project, for it has changed my life.