October 2023 – First World Café

5 Tables and 3 Questions

At the 28th of October we came together for URI´s very first World Cafe.

Desert Bloom CC, Naya CC, Al Badya CC, and Qudorat CC as well as many friends of URI MENA were present. 

In the midday many people from different regions and with different backgrounds met at the Jadal Center for Knowledge and Culture which was Kindly hosting us.

We started of with a quick introduction round and afterwards started gathering in smaller groups around different tables.

After the first topic was announced each group started to get into conversation and exchange about their thoughts on it. After some time had passed two groups presented what they had discussed to the others. So the exchange would not only stay in their group but also the other groups could hear what had been discussed on other tables.

For the next topic everyone got to sit at another table with a new group, which made it possible for the participants to hear the perspectives and exchange with many different people.

All groups were mixed three times to discuss in three rounds about their thoughts on Social issues, Religious and Moral Values and Civil Engagement. And present afterwards to everyone what their group had to say to each topic.

Since exchanging, listening and sharing can make very hungry, before we ended this intense and inspiring event we all came together to sit and eat in a big round with everyone who had participated.

All photos here.