Motiv8 Project LondanNews from Quested Peace CC. Jordan Heba wrote:After the successful session in Ankara- Turkey in March 2012, Quested Peace along with 5 civil society building organizations coming from 5 countries; Spain, England, Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey, participated in the second session of this social workers training program “social involvement in sports (Motiv8)” which was held in London during the period of 8 – 17 June 2012.Four members from Quested Peace CC took part in this training and shared their experience with the participants of aforementioned countries. We presented our experience in Interfaith through sport initiative during 2009-2010 along with the contest we organized with Schilder school (for orphans and socially vulnerable youngsters), where URI folks played volleyball against the orphans of this school. Through using non formal education, intercultural workshops, group dynamics, real practice and peer to peer education methodologies, the training focused on the values that should be maintained in teamwork and leadership, becoming a role model and play a full and active part in the society, how to overcome difficulties and obstacles, using sports as a tool for the young people to help and support them to increase their confidence and self esteem and iving a healthy life style. Also, we learnt how to utilize sports as a way of harnessing young people’s energy and reducing anti-social behavior and FairPlay.We were engaged in Practical activities including Football, Basketball, ping pong, positive cheering, bowling and role playing.This program is funded by Euro-Mediterranean Youth program. We are now planning for the third session of this program which inshaallah will be conducted in Jordan under the theme “cultural aspects of traditional sports (Cultiv8)” in September 2012