May 2022 – PEACE: Psychological and Eco-social Aspects of Climate ChangE

PEACE: Psychological and Eco-social Aspects of Climate ChangE
Desert Bloom CC hosted a Training Course on Psychological and eco-social aspects of Climate Chang, Jordan from 12-20 May 2022
The training drew on “ACTIVATE Approach proposed by the Climate Change Empowerment Booklet of the Australian Psychological Society, which is an acronym for:
A: Acknowledging feelings about climate change and learning ways of managing them “Not avoiding them.
C: Creating new social norms about protecting the environment where “Green is the new black”.
T: Talking about climate and breaking the collective silence.
I: Inspiring positive visions to identify steps to get there.
V: Valuing how restoring climate reinforces our core values.
A: Acting, both collectively and personally and feeling engaged.
T: Time is now. Showing climate change impacts on what we care about in order to create a mindset shift.
E: Engaging with nature to re-discover the connection with it.
The Training Course was designed for Youth Workers and included the above-mentioned guidance and be based on the 4 blocks scheme from according to our main project’s areas and partners’ expertise, namely:
1. From Climate Change to Climate Emergency: Environmental Side (main expert: Permacultura Cantabria, Spain)
2. From Eco-anxiety to Eco-involvement: Emotional Side (main expert: Agrado- Italy)
3. From separation to collaboration: Social and Community side (main expert: Desert Bloom, Jordan)
4. From social networks to social work-in-net: Digitalisation side (main expert: Education Innovators Kosovo, Kosovo)
PEACE project is co-funded by European Union, under Erasmus Plus. Project No. 101051323 ERASMUS-YOUTH-2021-CB. The project duration is 24 months and it had started in January 2022.
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