March 2024 – World Interfaith Harmony Week

In commemoration of World Interfaith Harmony Week in February 2024, leaders from the Disi Women Cooperative Community Centers, accompanied by 20 female students from the local community, joined individuals from diverse nationalities and backgrounds, including the United States, Yemen, Egypt, and Syria, to honor the occasion. Together, they gathered near the association’s headquarters to participate in a meaningful act of environmental stewardship. A total of 122 seedlings, representing species such as Ghada, Talh, Rutam, Adhur, and Shaheeh, were planted in an area near the headquarters. This area faces the threat of tree deterioration and extinction, making the planting efforts especially significant.

It’s worth noting that while the event included the participation of the 20 female students from the Girls’ School, we respected the customs and traditions of their families by refraining from taking photos of them.