March 2024 – Spreading Ramadan Cheer to Families in Need in Mafraq

URI MENA joined forces with Qudorat Cooperation Circle in Mafraq to bring joy to the local community. On Friday, March 22nd, URI staff, volunteers, and representatives from Seeds of Peace, Mercy, and Desert Bloom CCs, along with URI Global’s Executive Director Jerry White, visited Qudorat’s new headquarters.

This visit transcended mere aid distribution; it provided an invaluable opportunity to immerse ourselves in Qudorat’s impactful initiatives. We explored their new facilities, learnt about their programs and beneficiaries, engaged with their dedicated team members, and connected with community members. Together, we united efforts to distribute vital resources such as clothing and food packages to those in need.

The visit’s highlight was a powerful dialogue with a group of twelve remarkable young women from Qudorat CC. These women are the backbone of the organization, handling logistics, communication, and planning. The discussion delved into different topic including volunteerism awareness and challenges faced women in Mafraq and the impacts of the ongoing war on Gaza. The discussion also addressed the war’s impact on their work and personal lives, showcasing their resilience and strength. This insightful exchange fostered a deeper understanding of the women’s experiences and the crucial role they play in Qudorat CC’s success.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Qudorat CC for their warm hospitality and generous preparation. Their thoughtful sorting of clothes by family size and creation of food packages ensured each recipient received the most helpful items.