March 2023 – Career Boost and CV Writing

On March 4th, URI MENA hosted a Culture Cafe on the topic of “Career Boost”. In a nice atmosphere, URI members from different countries met online and in person. For example from Palestine, Morocco, Jordan, Germany and Poland. Among others were Desert Boom CC and Mercy CC.

Desert Bloom intern Oktawia covered all areas of application and interview and gave interesting tips. Here is a summary of the best help and tips for the job interview, the application and the letter of motivation.

Writing a good CV

  • A CV should be a maximum of 2 pages
  • Adjust the CV of the job posting
  • Use active verbs like “managed”, “oranized”, led”
  • Name measurable successes that you have brought to an employer

Writing Skills for Motivational Letter

  • Start with an attention grabbing opening
  • Use examples of your work and share details of your previous job responsibilities
  • Adress the recipient properly, try to find out the correct name


Ready for a job interview? Don’t miss these points:

  • Be always 15 minutes early to familiarize yourself with the location
  • Prepare responses to common interview questions such as “What are your weaknesses?”, “Why did you leave your previous job?” or “What salary expectation do you have?”
  • Dress according to the company´s culture
  • Bring your printed CV
  • Prepare questions that you want to ask them at the end. It is not a good sign if you are not interested to know more about the job.