March 2022 – Back to 7000 BC, a Youth Exchange hosted in Aswan, Egypt from 5-12 March 2022

Desert Bloom, a Cooperation Circle of URI MENA,  participated in “Back to 7000 BC” Youth Exchange, from 5-12 March 2022 in Aswan- Egypt
The project focused on promoting intercultural dialogue among young people. It created a safe space for dialogue and sharing experiences on tolerance and social integration in a culturally and religiously diverse setting. The project involved 36 participants (including 6 team leaders and 30 young people aged 18-30).
The project has improved participants’ dialogue and intercultural communication skills. It has broken down many cultural stereotypes and misconceptions. Also, it has promoted cultural diversity and pluralism. Young people learnt about meaningful differences between different cultures and identities. They enjoyed expressing their culture through art and role playing. We visited two Nubian villages nested on islands on the Nile where we experienced the Nubian culture and tradition. The Nubian people are so friendly and overwhelming, great hospitality was waiting for us in every place we visited. The project was led by LEVEL UP, Poland and hosted by Have a Dream, Egypt in partnership with Desert Bloom, Jordan, United Societies of Balkans, Greece and Associacion Cultural YOUROPIA, Spain. It was Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.
Some feedback from Ahmad Al-Masharga, Desert Bloom – Jordan
My experience in Egypt – Aswan – Nubian culture
What a great combination of Culture, History and Antiquity!
A combination of an old lifestyle with modern trends!
I spent 10 days Hosted by the Nubian civilization,
I was surprised by how much beauty and generosity that I wasn’t expecting at all !!
Thanks to LEVEL UP and Have A Dream organizations for organizing this youth Exchange in magnificent place!
And I am thankful for my organization, Desert Bloom, for choosing me to Represent Jordan in this lovely youth exchange!!
I’m very thankful because I got a lot of knowledge and great information about cultures, habits, and traditions of different cultures, in addition to I had new friends from Poland, Greece , Spain, and Egypt !!
And I am very very thankful for my team (Jordanian team) we represent Arabic culture in Jordanian Style!
At the end, thanks for our leader Ma’moun Khreisat he was a Brother, friend and father for us !!!