June 2023 – Welcome Henriette to the Team!

Hello, my name is Henriette and I’m from Germany. I just started my internship at URI MENA, and I am very exited to learn and be part of this organization for next three months.

In Germany I’m currently doing my master’s degree in politics and constitutions at the University of Dresden. Since I’m studying, I’m interested in intercultural exchange and how we can learn from each other’s cultures and perspectives. At the university I’m part of an interreligious group, who tries to create interreligious and intercultural spaces, where different people can come together and learn from each other. What particularly appeals to me about URI MENA is the peace-building approach of bringing people together in a multi-religious environment and creating a non-violent dialogue between them. During my time at URI MENA, I hope to learn more about how intercultural conflicts can be combated by creating such spaces here in Jordan.

Since my first day with URI MENA, I already met many volunteers, who are very active in trying to build a peaceful environment in many different spaces and I’m looking forward getting to know them and be part of this interfaith network.