URI Jordan participated in “Jump in European Voluntary Service (EVS) Euro Med” Partnership-building training course, Istanbul-Turkey The training course was held in Istanbul-Turkey, from 19 Oct to 23 Oct 2015, it hosted participants from eight countries: Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia, Spain, Italy and Turkey. The training course aimed to bring more impetus and elaboration in European Voluntary Service (EVS) in these countries, the event also aimed to strength the quality of the volunteering projects, also it talked about the Procedures and standards of the EVS under the umbrella and framework of the European Union represented (EU) by the Euromed. The event was a combination between a training course which focused on making the participants familiar about EVS, and a project which aimed to provide new opportunities to create consolidated partnerships to all NGOs that would like to start or to develop EVS within EuroMed cooperation. As the accreditation process started in 2014, the NGOs in the South Mediterranean countries had the possibility to go through a training course for Mentors and Responsible of projects. The assembly concentrated on developing new partnerships that will allow a better development of EVS under the EuroMed cooperation. The NGO which took apart in the PBA had the possibility to explore the specificity of EuroMed cooperation and to identify the qualitative items and elements to create stable partnership within EuroMed. The assembly was primarily targeted to accredited NGOs that are involved in EVS or to accredited NGOs that are starting their EVS strategy. It was a unique opportunity to create new paths of cooperation.