July 2024 – Update from “Ridicule Radicalization”

Harnessing the power of story to counter Extremism: The “Ridicule Radicalization” Project

The “Ridicule Radicalization” project, launched under the ALFinMOTION Mobility Programme 2023, to counter extremism through a series of short, engaging animated films. The project successfully:

• Challenge Misconceptions: Debunk religious misconceptions and extremist propaganda.
• Empower Critical Thinking: Encourage viewers to develop critical thinking skills.
• Promote Tolerance: Foster understanding and tolerance within the culturally diverse Euro-Mediterranean region.
Inspired by the Euro-Mediterranean region ‘s rich heritage, these films utilize stories to spark thought-provoking conversations.
Spearheaded by the United Religions Initiative – Middle East & North Africa (URI MENA) in collaboration with BRIDGES – Eastern European Forum for Dialogue, Bulgaria, the project is co-funded by the Anna Lindh Foundation.

The short films can be watched here.

The views and opinions expressed in the films are solely those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent those of the Anna Lindh Foundation.