January 2024 – URI MENA Assembly Environmental Peacebuilding

URI MENA has chosen “Environmental Peacebuilding” as the central theme for its 18th Annual Assembly in 2023, recognizing the imperative to delve into the root causes of conflicts. The significance of addressing environmental issues linked to conflict cannot be overstated; it is a fundamental step towards achieving enduring peace and proactively averting potential future violence.

Concentrating solely on the political dimensions of conflict, while neglecting environmental considerations, poses the risk of disregarding a pivotal factor contributing to instability. Our commitment extends beyond conflict resolution; we aim to advocate for sustainable environmental practices, ensuring the sustained availability of resources for generations to come. This proactive approach mitigates the likelihood of conflicts arising from environmental scarcity in the future.

Moreover, URI MENA acknowledges the global nature of challenges, particularly in the realm of environmental issues such as climate change. These concerns transcend national borders and demand international collaboration. Environmental peacebuilding serves as a catalyst for cooperation, fostering collective efforts and advancing solutions that benefit all stakeholders. In this way, URI MENA strives to contribute to a harmonious and sustainable global community.

EPB is rapidly emerging as a crucial approach for addressing the intricate challenges of our time. Recognizing the complicated link between environmental degradation, resource scarcity, and conflict, EPB seeks to holistically tackle these issues to foster lasting peace and security.


The Assembly delved into various essential topics, including:

−      Moving from Peacebuilding to Environmental Peacebuilding

−      Conflict Prevention and Natural Resource Management

−      Environmental Justice

−      Water Reality in Jordan

−      Conflict over the Nile River

−      The Engagement of Faith in Environmental Peacebuilding

−      Natural Resource Conflict Resolution

−      Gender Equality and Climate Change

−      The Role of NGOs and International Agencies in Raising Awareness about Environmental Issues

−      Sharing Good Practices of CCs in the Field of Environmental Peacebuilding

−      Planning for the Future

The gathering underscored the pivotal role that URI MENA can play in contributing to global endeavors to address environmental challenges through the Environmental Peacebuilding (EPB) approach. Beyond the promotion of awareness and exemplary practices, URI MENA CCs can foster collaboration across sectors, government levels, and communities. This collaborative effort nurtures trust and understanding among groups that were previously divided, thereby fortifying social cohesion and paving the way for enduring peace. Many CCs have pledged to embrace the principles of EPB in their work, taking a proactive stance to address environmental and conflict challenges. In doing so, they contribute to a world where sustainable practices and peaceful coexistence prevail.