International Day of Peace

In celebrating the International Day of Peace, URI MENA organized a special Zoom session dedicated to reflecting on what peace means to URI folks in the MENA region. Participants also discussed how we can contribute to peace at local, regional and global levels.

Major takeaways:
• Peace is personal; everyone has his/her own perspective on peace.
• Most participants agreed that peace means dignity, justice, freedom, security (to live without fear), well-being for all, not just absence of war.
• Peace is being accepted and respected for who you are.
• To achieve peace, we must prepare for peace and not war.
• Peace begins with inner peace. We can find peace if we start with ourselves.
• Peace needs a collective effort to be coordinated by a strong unbiased global entity with fair and equal representation of all nations (stronger than the United Nations). The entity should achieve the common vision of a life of dignity, justice and well-being for all.
• Everyone can contribute to peace starting with him/herself. Ordinary people can make a difference. By being just, respecting human rights and helping the needy, you contribute to peace.
• We can contribute to world peace by supporting grassroots peace movements and promoting nonviolent alternatives.
• The occupation of Palestinian land is the major threat of peace in MENA region.