Interfaith prayers session for unity and oneness

URI Office in Jordan in cooperation with the Baha’i community in Jordan organized “Interfaith prayers session for unity and oneness” on 23 July 2018. Four URI CCs in Jordan; Naya, Desert Bloom (formerly known as Quested Peace), Mercy, and Jordan Seeds of Peace, participated in this session.

Two artists opened the session with a combination of prayers from Islamic, Christian and Baha’i traditions with background music. Then each of the audience recite a piece of prayer/ duaa from different religious tradition. Reflections on prayers/ duaa were shared creating a friendly atmosphere of unity and oneness. A participant said “I can see similar messages in all prayers but in different colors”, others see the messages of love, caring and respect of others in all prayers.

Prof. Amer Al Hafi, the Academic Advisor of the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies and professor of comparative religious studies at Alal-Bayt University, deliver an inspirational speech on the blessings of diversity from Islamic perspective. Also, Ms. Zina Ishaq-Nimri, a URI MENA independent affiliate, talked about the love of others in Christianity. She explained that love is so essential in Christian faith, but love does not mean that you approve of what the others do. God loves you, but it doesn’t mean he approves everything you do. Love is saying I accept you in spite of what you do.”