Al Badiya for intercultural dialogue CC/ Al Badiya Center for Awareness and Voluntary Work organized a Ramadani Iftar and entertainment for Orphans coming from several villages of the Governorate of Ma’an. The Iftar was at Prince Hassan Military School in Adroh – Al.Mansheya. His Excellency the governor of Ma’an province, Ghalib Al- Shamayleh, was the Guest of Honor of this Charity event. Also, the Iftar attended by representatives of civic society organizations, community leaders and social workers in Ma’an along with URI folks. 5 members of URI- MENA drove for 3 hours to support Al Badyia CC in this event. They used their talents to entertain the orphans. They managed to fill the place with love and happiness; the orphans were loud, singing, laughing, screaming. At the end of event, His Excellency, Ghalib Al- Shamayleh distributed valuable gift to orphans.