IDP YEMEN: Peace Trip – Embracing all- Youth of Peace CC

In celebrating the International Day of Peace, Youth of Peace CC, Yemen launched Peace Trip project in Sana’a under the patronage of the United Religions Initiative (URI). This activity aimed at enabling people get to know each other, exchange stories and other cultural aspects. The activity meant to exchange cultural issues enhancing the relationship and the acceptance between the refugees and displaced Yemini citizens. Yemen is currently home to more than 270 thousand of refugees and asylum seekers, predominantly from Africa as well as about 3 millions of displaced people resulted of the ongoing war. Many locals view refugees as social, cultural, and occupational threats, therefore, the Peace Trip include many discussions that touch upon these threats. Also, it tackled many negative stereotypes about refugees. The trip included 25 refugees and Yemini residents guided by Mr. Anwer Dahhak, the Organization Head, and Mr. Awwad Ulwan, the Executive Manager, the activity concluded with achieving its ultimate goals in bringing about peace and positive attitudes between the entire participants.  

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