Randa Alqur’an from Quested Peace CC participated in “Human rights education among young people in local voluntary projects” held in Vienna from 4-10 June 2017.   Below is a brief about this training: Overview of Training:  The project was hosted by GRENZENLOS, an Austrian NGO with an office based in Vienna which main aim is to promote peace and tolerance through international non-formal education programmes that combine cultural integration with engagement in non-profit initiatives worldwide.

The training which was funded by the European Youth foundation, targeted youth who are voluntarily involved in local projects such as work camps, refugee projects, Handicaps, environment protection, …etc.   The training aimed to: • Promote and learn about Human Rights among young people  • Promote peace and fight against anti-hate speeches  • Empower young Human Rights activists with skills, knowledge and necessary competences to implement good quality projects on HR & Peace  • Raise awareness on human right violations in our societies  • Promote human rights within local and international voluntary projects  • Help young people develop their initiatives on Human Rights  • Give youth organizations methods on how to promote human rights within their existing projects  • Have fruitful debates and learning about HR & Peace projects among young people from all over Europe   Attached is the full report. Also, don’t miss the video