Gender Roles in Jordan & Further Action Necessary to Decrease Inequality

16th session of URI MENA Cultural Cafe (via Zoom), 25 July 2020
Session subject: Gender Roles in Jordan & Further Action Necessary to Decrease Inequality

Facilitator: Jessica Danielle, Administrative Assistant – URI Office in Amman

Discussion topics where:
– What are gender roles in Jordan.
– Why are honor crimes still occurring.
– What can we do to change the laws hindering inequality.

Some takeaways from the session:
• Men work/act as role models for the family while women care for the home and children after university and marriage
• Traditional gender roles are not always forced upon women, but there is a need to dismantle the discrimination against those who desire to raise their social status (education) or assume prominent social positions (in government, for example)
• Honor crimes cannot be generalized to an entire society. Their occurence is in large part due to the nonpractice of laws/policy amendments.
• There is a separation between the older (50+) and younger (30 & below) generation on the acceptance of these heinous crimes, with the majority of youth (65% of Jordan’s population) vehemently criticizing them.
• Progressive steps toward change include educating ourselves, our families, openly speaking out against wrongdoings, and speaking up for those who are unable. Empowering youth through modeling moral-driven family values, beginning from infancy, and treating all human life with respect begins in the home with parental actions. Parents can decrease violence in the home by controlling media content consumed by children. It is crucial to encourage one another with emotional & social support when someone close to you is reaching for modern goals, instead of traditional roles.
• Everyone should get involved and avoid staying silent. This is the only way to achieve positive change.