Fibonacci Numbers and Universe Engineering

URI MENA Cultural Café- 25th Session

URI MENA 25th session on 3rd of Oct. 2020 was on Fibonacci Numbers and Universe Engineering, facilitated by Mr. Sherwan Mustafa, seasoned financial expert, social worker and international trainer. Mr. Sherwan is a Desert Bloom representative in Kurdistan – Iraq.

We discussed the following topics:
• The Fibonacci p-numbers and Pascal’s triangle
• Fibonacci sequence
• Golden Proportion or Golden Ratio in nature engineering
• Fibonacci Retracements and Fibonacci Ratios (in investment)

Major takeaways:
• There are many everyday examples of the Fibonacci sequence. Fibonacci numbers are nature’s numbering system; they appear everywhere in nature, from the leaf arrangement in plants, humans, animals, insects to galaxies.

• The Golden ratio and Fibonacci numbers reveal patterns. They appear in nature often enough to prove that they reflect some naturally occurring patterns.
• Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Ratio may prove that the universe was intelligently designed.
• Fibonacci retrenchment levels are widely used in technical analysis for financial market trading.
• All God creations come from same origin…. This proves that we belong to one God.
• We need more research and analysis to explore the secrets of our universe.