Feminism, the new F-word? training course

“Feminism, the new “F-word?” training aimed at encouraging media literacy and critical thinking by analyzing how women are portrayed in the new media. It was organized by EUROMED EVE Polska- Poland under Erasmus+ program from 5-12 of October 2018 in Gliwice, Poland. The project has succeeded in constructively criticizing the concept of Feminism in Media highlighting how media shapes the authority and role of women and feeds stereotypes. Twenty five participants coming from 13 European and South Mediterranean countries took part in this training. The participants were heads of NGOs, subject matter experts, social justice advocates, trainers as well as and youth leaders interested in the topic of media and feminism movement. They exchanged experiences and good practices producing a body of knowledge that could be used to promote accountable and responsible “Women’s Portrayal” in media, also it help in applying critical thinking to break down many misconceptions and stereotypes about gender roles among young people.