Empowering Women Through Business Projects URI Women’s Initiative MENA conducted two workshops on “Small Startup Business Project Management” during the last quarter of 2015.   The first workshop targeted 15 Syrian refugee women who are living in Jordan and supporting their families. Most of these women lost their husbands in the conflict in Syria. Hence, they are trying to set up their business projects such as: small food kitchens, clothing design, repairing clothes, accessory design, etc. Another session for children was held with different activities including painting, games, and singing. In addition, blankets were distributed to the women attending, and small presents were distributed to the children. The second workshop was dedicated to 16 Bedouin women from marginalized areas in the south of Jordan. In addition to the typical women’s projects (cooking, accessory design, hairdressing and styling, clothes), the Bedouin women have ideas about small projects related to raising livestock and small gardens to grow vegetables, herbs, and fruits.   URI MENA organized these workshops, which complemented the previous workshops on “Small Startup Business Project Management” implemented in Amman and Morocco.