“Digital Trade & Entrepreneurs’ Empowerment”

URI MENA Cultural Café- 41 Session
On 30 Jan. 2021, our Cultural Café session was on “Digital Trade & Entrepreneurs’ Empowerment”, by Ms. Muna Qudah, Digital Trade Engagement Specialist.
Major takeaways:
• The digitalization of the economy is creating new opportunities for young people in developing countries. However, young people are still unaware of such opportunities.
• The world is moving towards an “inclusive globalization”, millions of young entrepreneurs and small businesses will be able to do business across borders. Therefore, we need to build people digital trading skills.
• Direct Selling is social selling where sellers rely on strong personal relationships with their customers who benefit from personalized advice.
• Direct Selling successful strategy is built through face-to-face interactions, product demonstrations, word-of-mouth and social media.
• Though direct selling is a relatively new industry in MENA, in less than two decades it has provided self-employment opportunities to more than a million people, out of which nearly 60 per cent are women.
• The Middle East and North Africa region is falling behind in establishing a modern governance framework for the digital economy. Particularly in regulatory areas, including electronic documentation and signature, online consumer protection, data governance, cyber-security, and intermediary liability regulations.
Below link leads to session recording:
Ms. Muna Qudah is reachable at her mobile: +90 545 417 11 50 (WhatsApp)