Desert Bloom CC participated in “Environment Friendly Targets” Youth Exchange in Plymouth- UK, from 16th to 23rd July 2018

Five members of Desert Bloom CC’s led by Mr. Samer Al Kasih participated in the “Environment Friendly Targets” youth exchange held in Plymouth- UK. The project gathered 24 young people coming from 4 countries: England, Jordan, Tunisia and Turkey. They spent a week sharing ideas and learning new techniques about how we can change our daily bad habits to meet environment friendly targets.

The project, which was funded by European Commission under Erasmus Plus program, was organized by the Turkish National Agency in partnership with Modbury Parish Counci.

UK was chosen for implanting this project to learn from its long-standing experience in eliminating the usage of Plastic bags. The project touched upon several environmental issues, particularly the unconsciously excessive use of plastic bags. Also, it provided many intercultural learning and team-building skills. The came up with the slogan of “No Plastic Bags Yes Environment”
The use of participatory and experiential learning methodologies provided the young people with a friendly learning atmosphere enabling them to discover and practice knowledge and skills.

They enjoyed exchanging ideas and developed action plans to counter the risks of pollution and preserve our environment. The program included a lot of interactive workshops, simulation and role-playing games, exercise and outdoor activities. Also, the participants had several chances to interact with local people in Modbury to learn how this town succeeded in banning the use of plastic bags. The participants produced a series of educational videos to Promote environment friendly habits and enhance awareness about the risks of plastic bags.
We are sure that back in their respective countries, the young participants will be able to use and share what they have learned during this experience and become an advocate for environment protection