URI-MENA host the “CULTIV8: Euro-Mediterranean games for Intercultural Dialogue” training program, held in Amman from 28 of June to 6 of July, 2013 The project was aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle and highlighting the importance of active citizenship to achieve a better sustainable future. Cultiv8 is the third session of 8 series training project that developed during partners meeting between Quested Peace CC and its partners in Adrasan- Turkey in October 2011. The project first session was conducted in Turkey in April 2012, and the second session held in UK in June 2012. 30 participants from (6) countries; (3) European and (3) from MENA region attended this training. This program was funded by Euro-Mediterranean Youth program. It used non-formal education approach supported by traditional sports and games as tools to transfer knowledge and build competencies. Below are the main topics that were tackled during this 6 days training course:

  • Good practices in promoting active citizenship education. Many civic skills were highlighted such as the skills of investigating, analysing and recognizing social, economic, ecological and political dimensions of issues needed to be improved for achieving a sustainable future. Also, the used of social Media and mass communication outlets to enhance youth involvement in community building.
  • Tolerance in a Multicultural society.
  • Practical tools for promoting traditional sports and games that lead to healthy lifestyle.
  • Tools for empowering youth citizenship through sports.
  • Intercultural dialogue.

 Additionally, many outdoors activities were organized to support transferring the targeted knowledge and skills including:  

1-   Practicing traditional game and sports with local communities.

2-   Visiting the historical Roman City of Jerash and attending a life concert in Jerash Festival.

3-   Intercultural exhibition where traditional music, dresses, foods…etc were exhibited.

4-   Visiting Islamic colleague, sport center and interacted with school students.

5-   Community Service day for kids using the traditional games.

6-   Visiting al khawarzmi colleague and interacting with students.

7-   Visiting the Royal Stables, Museums, and local attractions.

8-   Visiting Petra and Dana natural reserve.