Critical Thinking

URI MENA Cultural Café- weekly Session
On Saturday, 18 Sept. 2020, our 23rd Cultural Café session was on Critical Thinking, facilitated by Mr. Kamal Jabr – Master in Education for Sustainable Development at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. Mr. Jabr is a social activist; he serves as the Chairman of “Human for Human,” a non-profit organization that works for humanitarian action.

We discussed the concept of critical thinking, its characteristics, and importance in our social and professional life. Each participant shared a situation when he/she practiced critical thinking.

Major Takeaways:
– Critical thinking is “thinking about thinking.”
– Critical thinking improves our life quality.
– We can become critical thinkers. Critical thinking is one of the most important cognitive skills that we can develop.
– Critical thinking can significantly improve our life, both personally and professionally and is needed in all aspects of our lives, particularly in the time of the pandemic to verify fake and inaccurate news.
– By practicing critical thinking, we allow ourselves to not only solve problems, but also come up with new and creative ideas.
– We should read news carefully considering the significance of the covered issue, the ultimate beneficiary/affiliation of the news source, and who pays for it.
– It can make us happier; being in touch with yourself and having a deep understanding of why you think the way you think can really make you happier. It helps you avoid any kind of negative or limiting beliefs, and focus more on your strengths.