August 2023 – Welcome Mariam at URI MENA

Moin and Salam,

My name is Mariam and I come from the beautiful city of Bremen in the north of Germany. I started my time at URI MENA at the beginning of August’23 and I am looking forward to an exciting time here at the headquarters in Amman.

In Germany, I worked as a teacher at a secondary school and conducted research in the field of diversity and educational pathways at the University of Bremen. My interests are in education-related topics, critical educational sciences, post-colonial religious studies and philosophy.

What excites me about URI MENA is that they try to promote peace making processes through interreligious dialogues and by supporting interculturality. This approach, in this combination, is special because it does not demonise religiosity and does put cultures into power relations.

On my first day at URI MENA, I visited a cultural café, attended an event and had many interesting conversations and insightful moments. I am looking forward to my time here.