August 2022 – Welcome to URI MENA, Clara!

Marhaba and Moin,

I am very much looking forward to getting engaged at the URI MENA office for the next three months! My Name is Clara from Hamburg, Germany, where you say a short “Moin” to greet each other. At Hamburg university, I study political science, and I am mainly interested in the complex network of different actors within a state. That is why I am eager to learn more about grassroots movements and their contribution to sustaining social cohesion. In this regard, I am thrilled to gain insights into how URI Mena supports initiatives along the way to make a meaningful impact

Back in Germany, I co-founded my own initiative. Youth Lead the Change Germany aims to engage young people in the democratic process and inspire them to make a difference in their community. Working with the next generation is always inspiring, and I love hearing about the youth’s dreams and wishes for the future. Thus, my work as a volunteer for a youth group at a protestant church is fulfilling and fun. 

Because of my previous experience and my personal background, I sincerely believe in multicultural understanding and dialogue to find common ground and build lasting friendships. Hence, I am honored to work for an organization whose values are close to my heart.

I am excited to see, learn, and grow in the upcoming months and cannot wait to start! 🙂