August 2022 – Emotional Management Training Course

Understanding, Empowering and innovative – three words to describe the group dynamics of last week´s Training course about „Emotional Management and Trauma“.
URI MENA and fours Cooperation Circles, Masar CC, Desert Bloom CC, Mercy CC, as well as Orphans and Widows Care CC planned and implemented this week-long space of encounter and discussion.
Objective of this training course is, to enable the ten participants to deal with strong emotions and stress in a satisfying way, to use non-violent-communication to express their needs and feelings, and to identify symptoms of trauma within their community.
The training course start das a journey on which we all together embarked. The first day was led by Desert Bloom Volunteer & psychologist Paulina, about emotions and non-violent-communications.
Clara, also working for Desert Bloom CC, facilitated the second day about „Stress“. Topic of the third day was „Trauma“, led by URI facilitator Imad.
The training course finished with an excursion to Alia Eco Village. We were hosted by Khaled and learned about how we connect with nature deeply, how we protect our environment, and how we can recharge and balance our emotions more with the help of grounding exercises (for example deep breathing).
We thank all participants for their deep commitment and their active engagement. We thank the facilitators for their positive vibes and energy and we also thank AGIAMONDO/CPS for supporting us in this training course.